Sunday, March 27, 2011


Calrec 1061 _3
Calrec 1061 _2
Calrec 1061 _1
"Last one . I had a pair this is it ! We can also Strap the Power supply voltage for International use free of charge . 110 220 230 240 etc .
This auction is for 1 Calrec 1061 EQ MICROPHONE PREAMP DI and Power supply . The Mic Pre and EQ are killer they sound great and the DI is out of this world!
The front panel features are Mic input or DI option switch ,48V , you can use the unit with or without the transformer , Normal or HI Q , Bypass or Insert . As well as a output on the front panel . I added eq points you can see on the photo section .
This unit has been racked professionally by Brent Averill and i will add they did a fine job . The unit has been recapped and besides that is in original condition. The unit sound is Fantastic the Calrec company was formed by ex Neve employees so they are very similar in design . The EQ section is very similar to a NEVE 1081 a lot of the same EQ points and are internally laid out very similar . They also have a great build quality lots of IRON Sowter Input and output transformers that are from the console . Calrec 1061's are discrete.
Here is info from the Brent Averill website and a couple of threads from Calrec users online.
"The Calrec PQ 1061/1161 mic preamp is punchy, tight and has an open top end. It has great headroom and does not smear transients. It sounds similar to the vintage API™ mic preamp.
The Calrec equalizer is really great. It has lots of headroom and does not color the sound. You can boost 12 dB or more without hitting the crunch point on any of the bands. It is great for mastering because of its lack of coloration."
The PQ1061 and 1161 are pretty much identical. Run class-ab, all discrete, 8 amp stages with internal construction that is on par with anything neve made, and for some reason they really remind me of the Wunder PEQ1 module in terms of amp stages and general feature set compared to say a 1073.
The 1061 and 1161 run on +/-22V, and feature Sowter 3777 input, and should also use a Sowter 3955 output transformer which is a huge nickel core.
They are fast, punchy and open sounding, with some crunch to them. They are in between Neve and API, perfect for drums and guitars etc. EQ is as good as anything Neve has put out on the 33114 or 33115 modules etc..."

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