Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quad Eight Pacifica Pre-amp + EQ racked 1974 console modules $2150

Quad Eight Pacifica Pre-amp_3
Quad Eight Pacifica Pre-amp_2
Quad Eight Pacifica Pre-amp_1
"Quad Eight Pacifica Pre-amp + Eq.
these Rack Comes from QE Pacifica Console 1974. Racked and wired with separate Power Supply (220V).
it has Gain (blue know), EQ + filters Section, Output (Red Knob) and Phantom Power.
All knobs and features is working properly, just dirty knob on left channel, but it will fixed before shipping.
Character of preamp + Eq is like API, CLear, Warm and Punchy.
its has Transformers and ALL PARTS is original."

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