Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amazon beats Apple, Google to music storage, streaming service

"There are plenty of cloud storage services to choose from, but there are few that are particularly good. Amazon hopes to become part of the latter group with the introduction of Amazon Cloud Drive, a consumer-oriented service that allows users to back up their local music libraries and play them remotely from anywhere via the Web or Android device.
According to Amazon, all US-based Amazon customers automatically get 5GB of Cloud Drive space where they can upload their music libraries. The files must be unencrypted AACs or MP3s, and they can be uploaded at their original bit rate. Those who purchase an album from Amazon's MP3 service get the sweetest deal, though—20GB of space—and all new MP3 purchases will be automatically copied to your Cloud Drive without counting against your storage quota (you can still download the MP3s, too)........"

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