Thursday, March 10, 2011

AVALON VT-737SP Channel Strip

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I used the 737SP to record the hook for "War" on Nas @Nas "Street Disciples" album produced by Salaam Remi @SaLaAMReMi . The AVALON VT-737SP($2500) is a very popular channel strip that has become a standard in the recording world. It has excellent build quality and is a Class A/tube hybrid unit  used mainly for vocal recording & includes a mic-pre, compressor & equalizer section. It's a very flexible unit that also provides a line input and a instrument input that sounds great on acoustic guitar and bass. All the connection except for the instrument(DI) input is on the rear of the unit. The EQ section can be placed pre or post compression which makes it very easy to control any problem frequencies. The 737 is not usually my first choice for vocal recording. I much prefer it on instruments. especially bass. When used to record or process bass during a mix, this unit really shines as It gives the bass presence with a full but tight low end. When using it for recording vocals start with the input at zero to give the cleanest signal then set the compressor threshold to approximately -15dB and the ratio between 2:1 - 4:1 depending on the vocalist and their mic technique. The compressor is slow (opto based) so the attack can be set to its fastest setting then adjusted for a slower attack if needed. For the release set between 9 and 12 o'clock again dependent on the source. Then set the high pass filter between 60 to 80Hz as needed. As for the output start at zero then adjust up or down as needed for optimum level. Never use the high gain setting unless you intentionally want a lot of color aka distortion on the signal. This actually works great on electric guitars. Last but not least remember to turn on the unit at least half an hour before the session to give the tubes time to warm up. (I ask the assistant to turn it on an hour before just to make sure it reached optimum operating temperature). The tubes are rated for 5000 hours after which they should be replaced. For more info visit the website at . To purchase the 737sp go to B&H Photo, Video and Audio @BHPhotoVideo or Sweetwater Sound @SweetwaterSound
Here's the iTunes @iTunesMusic link for "Street's Disciple"

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