Thursday, March 17, 2011

BBE Two Timer Demo (Sultan and 2112 styles)

The Two Timer was inspired by the long discontinued DM-2 Delay, which was known for its warm, haunting reverb and tape-like echoes. The Two Timer offers two independent delay times foot switchable via the Time1/Time2 mode footswitch. This makes it possible to have one delay set up for a short slapback rhythm sound while another is set longer for solos.

Two very different styles in this demo, both using a G&L Legacy. We start with a Sultans of Swing passage through a vintage Fender Deluxe, first with short delay setting on Time 1 then switch to a longer delay on Time 2. Next we do the classic into to Rush's 2112 through a Marshall JCM 800. Rush fans will note the latter half of the demo, with the delay setting dimed on Time 2, nails it. In each demo, we used a moderate Repeat settings, though you can get really extreme with all the analog goodness of the Two Timer.

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