Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bruce Allen On Concert Promotion

I've been saying the same thing for years. In the US, without Don Fox's committment and belief I would not have broken BTO, Bryan Adams, Loverboy or Michael Buble. The same can be said for promoters around the world.

The problem is there seems to be an agency vs promoter battle. It is all about control. The agency wants to be the go to entity, but I've always believed that the person INVESTING the MONEY should have a large say in ticket price, imaging, ad spend and where to play.

However, too many managers have one mantra. GET THE MONEY!!!

I get it. We are all percentage guys. The big guarantees are tempting, but if it leads to empty seats and papering, what is it doing to an act's longevity as a major attraction?

I view my promoters as partners. If they make money, then my act will be making money. Just like the label, they are part of the team.

I do not believe that my artists' money should hinge on parking fees and concession sales. Those are false indicators.

My road staff and the promoter go over seating charts with a fine tooth comb. We try to scale the house correctly for the MARKET. Not the nation.

When you have a promoter as a partner, you know where to be on a tuesday night to maximize ticket sales. The Saturdays take care of themselves.

I talk to my promoters all the time. I'm always surprised how many managers don't. The promoter is investing in you and hopefully investing in the future. I know this sounds "old school" and it probably is.  But is there anything wrong with all parties winning?

Bruce Allen



The only reason I have been able to stay in this business for over 40 years is because of the relationships I have with managers that believe in me.

Most of the agents today only talk to promoters for two reasons:

1. To get the biggest guarantee possible.
2. If there is a problem with the show, they can blame the promoter.

I really feel like promoters are treated like second class citizens.
Basically we've become the Rodney Dangerfields of the business...We get no respect!

Things have got to change if we all want to keep our business thriving.

Don Fox
Beaver Productions
New Orleans/Memphis

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