Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bruno Mars/Paris Hilton Prosecutor BUSTED!

Bruno Mars/Paris Hilton Prosecutor BUSTED!
David Schubert, the Las Vegas District Attorney who convicted both Bruno Marsand Paris Hiltonfor cocaine possession, was recently–yep, you guessed it–busted for coke possession. 
TMZ reports thatcops witnessed Schubert drive to a “notorious” spot in Vegas, where they saw a man enter his car. Suspicious, authorities followed Schubert and his new friend to an apartment complex where cops saw the man get out of the BMW and then walk out several minutes later.
Once police finally stopped Schubert after “allegedly” running a stop light, they searched his car and found the drugs.   Schubert’s supplier eventually ratted him out, saying that Schubert would call at least four times a week and make purchases of nearly $40 dollars worth of cocaine.   
I wonder what Ms. Hilton and mr. Mars think about this ironic twist of fate?
 Check out the mug shot above (he doesn’t look too happy)
Image credit to TMZ

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