Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chris Brown Flips Out At 'Good Morning America'

Chris Brown
Today was supposed to be a fabulously exciting day for Chris Brown as he promotes his new album F.A.M.E., which is out in stores now. Let's just say that Brown put on a performance that he is going to regret. Sure, he gave a decent on-air performance but it was behind-the-scenes that Brown showed that those anger management classes didn't do sh*t for him. And quite frankly, I feel let down by him once again.

Time and time again I've given Brown the benefit of the doubt. So to hear about this, just really made me do a big fat eye roll. So what went down?

Well, apparently Robin Roberts went there. Yes, she brought up the incident that he should know that he is going to be asked for the rest of his life.

No Chris, not everyone is past that.

After he was asked about his violent past and his legal issues, Chris tried to focus on his new album, but he got effing pissed, throw a fit and then went back to his dressing room not only to tear apart his room, but also smash the window. 

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