Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Creative Director - Swan Staffing

Swan Staffing
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Great agency with a wonderful culture in a spectacular city. The CD is a key role on the agency's Leadership team.
First and most importantly is the work. Keeping the standards of idea and execution high are one of the main responsibilities. Given the vision of the agency your role will also be to ensure that we are thinking beyond advertising. You need to push the creative teams and everyone around you to use creativity in their every day and to provide the best solutions possible. Ask yourself, will this work get talked about? Is it innovative enough? Have we looked at other disciplines as a form of executing the idea? Have we seen it before?

I would include any means you see fit as part of our process as a way to ensure we are living our vision and executing great ideas. For example, peer evaluation is one way that has been used in the past. This could be continue to be considered moving forward however, this will be left up to you.

Overseeing the briefs, the process and the execution is part of your role. The idea is to grow our teams and allow them to push themselves. Until we see this happening on an ongoing basis, part of your role will be to apply quality control to your measurement of the everyday. The requirement here goes beyond the creative people although they will be key in your focus.
 If you're looking for a challenging opportunity with people that define the word "fun"  - please drop me a note. Please also make sure to include a link to your portfolio.
Thanks Glenn
Glenn Swan
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