Friday, March 11, 2011

DaySequerra introduces its M2DTV Mobile Media Loudness Processor at NAB 2011

West Berlin, NJDaySequerra, exclusive DTS® hardware and audio partner, will introduce a 
mobile media DTV loudness processor at this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas.  
Mobile handheld device speakers and ear buds have a limited dynamic range over a narrow 
frequency band. This combined with noisy listening environments compromise the quality and 
intelligibility of the audio content streamed to handheld mobile devices. The DaySequerra M2DTV 
Mobile Media loudness processor has been optimized to keep dialog intelligible without users 
constantly adjusting their volume control, even in noisy environments.   
“Poor audio quality, inconsistent volume levels and unintelligible dialog, is a major challenge for 
today’s mobile DTV broadcaster,” said David Day, president of DaySequerra. ”Through our 
partnership with DTS and other experts, we’ve developed solid solutions to enhance the mobile 
audio experience with our M2DTV,” added Day. 
The M2DTV has 5.1 surround, stereo and EAS inputs, and features the industry-proven DTS 
Surround Sound DownMix along with two codec pre-processing channels. Each channel is 
optimized for HE AAC v2 operation at 24 kbps, 32 kbps, 48 kbps and 64 kbps to reduce artifacts 
from lossy compression and low-bit rate transmissions. The M2DTV uses a proprietary perceptual 
loudness model to provide accurate loudness measurements and look-ahead technology to make 
large gain corrections imperceptible to viewers. It is an easy-to-operate 1RU unit complete with 
industry-standard ITU-R BS.1770/1 loudness measurement on a large vacuum-fluorescent 
numerical readouts and bright accurate bargraph metering, a rear panel GPIO port and Ethernet 
interface for long-term logging, email alerts and field software updates. 
The M2DTV will make its official debut at NAB 2011 in booth N3830. For more information on 
DaySequerra products, please visit 

About DaySequerra: DaySequerra provides high-performance audio solutions for radio, TV and 
Internet broadcasters. Technology applications include measuring and solving loudness issues in 
stereo and surround DTV and radio broadcasts using exclusive DTS Neural algorithms; 
transmitting multichannel surround audio over stereo infrastructure; and DTV, HD RadioTM, DAB 
and other digital radio and Internet stream audio processing and monitoring. DaySequerra’s state- 
of-the-art products are marketed and sold through their distribution network worldwide; its 
technology partners include DTS, iBiquity Digital and others. For more information on 
DaySequerra, please visit our website or email 

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