Wednesday, March 16, 2011

De La Soul - Stakes Is High

Considered to be one of the group's top works, 1996's Stakes Is High was the first album not produced by Prince Paul, with overall production credits given solely to the trio. Although it was met with poor sales, it has been critically lauded for its music, lyricism, and its overall message concerning the artistic decline rap music began to face in the mid-90s. The title track and first single, produced by Jay Dee and mixed by Ken DURO Ifill at Platinum Island Studios

Equipment - SSL 4064 E/G
                    Studer A-800 (2)
                    Ampex ATR-102, Panasonic SV-3700
                    Urei 813C, Genelec 1031A, Yamaha NS-10M
                    Lexicon 224XL, Lexicon PCM-80, Lexicon PCM-70 V4, Lexicon PCM-42
                    dbx 160X, dbx 902, SPL Vitalizer, API 550A, API 560

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  1. Love this album, unfortunate to hear it didn't sell well, still a classic in my estimation. I'm a little surprised it was mixed on an SSL, the SSL sound is generally quite an open sound, guess that warmth must be the tape at work.