Friday, March 11, 2011

Empirical Labs Lil Freq

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I used the Lil Freq on Notch @Notch_theArtist album "Raised By The People" produced by SupaDups @SupaDups and Dj Blass @xxblassxx . The Empirical Labs_Lil Freq is not your average equalizer. You will be hard pressed to find a single rack eq that gives you more processing punch. It has a High Pass (HP) filter, 4 parametric bands and 2 additional bands of shelving eq (Low and High). In addition it has a dynamic eq section for controlling high frequencies (de-essing), which can be placed before or after the eq section and an instrument (D.I.) input. There are 3 outputs, one of them a Class A transformer out which gives the sound quality and texture you would expect from vintage gear. It has THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of less than 0.006% which makes it one of the cleanest eqs on the market today. The Lil Freq sounded great on everything I ran through it including vocals, drums, guitar and bass. You can really sculpt and carve sounds to your heart's content. The dynamic eq section made it easy to add sheen to vocals or cymbals/overheads without frying my ears or the tweeters. The low shelf eq used in combination with the HP filter gives you a great bass sound without overloading the low end. You can even emulate a Neve 1073 by following the small "n" and "donut" markings on the parametric sections. I recommend all first time users to take a quick look at the manual to fully understand the Lil Freq's capabilities. For more info on the Lil Freq visit Empirical Labs at and take a look at the other gear they offer. The Lil Freq can be purchased for $1699 at Sweetwater Sound or at Amazon @amazon Here's the iTunes @iTunesMusic link for Notch  "Raised By The People" album

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