Thursday, March 24, 2011

Exigy Type 515 Monitor

View Full-size ImageThe type 515 loudspeaker is the first of a series of monitor systems for use in control rooms where the cabinets will be visible. This bass reflex loudspeaker cabinet uses a 400mm (16') driver for LF, a 75mm soft dome for MF and a 25mm soft dome for HF. It is designed for critical monitoring in small to medium sized control rooms where the mix position is not more than 4m from the monitors where it will provide accurate low distortion monitoring of all SPL’s up to 122dB peak per pair with music material, at 4m, in half space. 

The cabinets are fully active and digitally controlled by a BSS 24bit 96kHz processor providing excellent performance with comprehensive room matching facilities and driver protection systems. The system may be driven with a stereo digital input. The amplifiers are by Chevin Research, type Q6. This is a 4 channel high performance amplifier and is used to power all current Exigy systems. It uses high frequency power supplies that provide excellent continuous output capability in a small lightweight package. Each channel gives 350W RMS into 8 ohms and 600W into 4 ohms. Two channels may be bridged to provide 1200W into 8 ohms. The amplifier boasts excellent distortion, noise and CMRR figures, comprehensive protection systems and has a fantastic reliability record in many years of studio use. 

With this cabinet, the amplifier may be configured so each driver uses one channel thus providing one spare channel per amplifier (which may then be used to drive other studio/control room systems) this is the preferred configuration. Alternatively, the LF or MF sections may be driven with a bridged pair of channels and limited to safe levels with the processor; this may be beneficial in situations where unusual room loadings are encountered. The amplifiers and processor should be rack mounted in a machine room as fan cooling is used in both. Loudspeaker connections are by three pairs of cables to each cabinet and these are recommended to be 6mm Sq section copper for runs up to a maximum of 20m. 

The cabinets have been specifically designed to be flush mounted in cloth finished walls where the cloth tracking system is mounted directly to the front of the cabinets. For different wall types or freestanding use, a cloth-covered bezel is provided. The Stainless Steel front face is bordered by colored edging to the drivers and cabinet outside edge, this may be chosen to complement the control room colour scheme. All connections are internal with the input cables being brought into the cabinets through compression sealing glands, the cabinets may then be fully serviced from the front without any need to remove it or disturb the cloth finishes. 

The cabinet is 985 H by 580 W by 500 D and weighs 95kg. The amplifiers are 2U each (Two amplifiers per system). The processor is 1U.

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