Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Facebook Removes "Comment" Button, Just Hit "ENTER"

Facebook Comments
As I see it now, and by many others too… lately, Facebook has officially removed the blue "Comment" button for all. All you can see right now, is some blank space to enter you text.
So, how do you comment? Just enter the text in the comment box, and hit "ENTER" on your keyboard. That’s it!
But then, how to "edit" or "delete" a comment? Simple. Clicking on the "X" to the right of your comment, now brings up the edit box rather than deleting the comment itself. Clear all the text, and your comment gets deleted.
Quite tricky that one. But can you no longer comment in multiple lines? Of course, you can. Hold SHIFT + ENTER, and you have an all-new line to start writing.
Mind you, this is not some tutorial I just made up, Facebook actually provides hints as you write your comment (see images below).
New Facebook Comments

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