Friday, March 11, 2011

Focal SM11 L-R Monitor


The SM11-L / SM11-R (Left channel and Right channel) monitors are equipped with an asymmetrical cabinet design, favouring a fantastic image precision in a stereo or multichannel configuration. The very extended frequency response (34Hz-40kHz at -3dB) guarantees perfect control of the entire audio signal. This feature is essential to the optimization of the mixes dedicated to supports like SACD or any other project where perfection is essential. The 1" pure Beryllium TBU tweeter achieves an unmatchable detail level and delivers great precision, width and depth to the sound image. The 6.5" “W” composite sandwich midrange offers unmatched neutrality and transparency. The tweeter-woofer coupling guarantees a voicing that will immediately reveal the slightest anomalies. The 11" woofer and the passive radiator reproduce the bass register with an incredible degree of control, thanks to the absence of a port. The bottom of the audio spectrum is then totally revealed, without a subwoofer. A total SPL of 118dB allows unprecedented headroom for recording, mixing and mastering in almost any situation, without risk of compression.

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