Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Foote Control Systems P33S stereo compressor

The features are as follows;

> RMS or Adaptive NL timings
> 100Hz sidechain HPF
> Feedback mode
> True Power or Algebraic summing mode

Algebraic summing differs from true power summing in that the voltages of the 2 channels are summed into one detector, as opposed to True Power sum, which sums the power of the 2 channels after detection using two detectors.

Sonically, Algerbraic sum mode or ALG, has the effect of widening the stereo image by favoring compression of correlated signal.
This is because more of the mono component is compressed than the stereo image information.

The P33S has the trademark FCS sound at an expected street price of around $1,150.00 USD

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