Saturday, March 26, 2011

Get Your FREE Devil-Loc Plug-In

It started at the TapeOp SXSW Party in Austin. Attendees got an ominous card with a code to download a free copy of Devil-Loc™, and a sharing code to tempt their friends into getting it for free, too. So the first step is to find a code.
Check the forums, check FaceBook, check everywhere cause that code gets you the free plug-in and gets you your own sharing code. Then you can give yours to all your friends and they can get it free, too. Plus, each soul you sign up with your code, get's you closer to earning more free stuff. Free bundles, t-shirts and upgrades to the true master of evil, Devil-Loc Deluxe™: Pure Evil Compressor. The deluxe model turns up the heat and takes you to never before achieved levels of madness and horror, and it sounds real cool, or uh, hot.

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