Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goldbaby releases iAm-K3m

iAm-K3m for Logic's EXS24 and Kontakt. A sample based synth.

The K3m is a hybrid digital/analog synth produced in 1986. It uses an 8 bit wavetable for the oscillators and has analog filters and VCA. It also has a very lush stereo chorus! 
This synth was recorded through various tasty bits of studio hardware... things like the UBK Fatso, Great River Harrison EQ32, A-Design EM-PEQ. 
What you get is a sample based instruments bursting with character, digital grit and analog warmth. You will find musical inspiration and sonic adventures waiting to be incorporated in your next track... 
Contains 116 patches for EXS24 and 122 patches for Kontakt. Including all the wave oscillators from the wavetable and a set of drums and FX synthesized on the K3m. 

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