Sunday, March 13, 2011

HOW TO: Rip / Download Music and Radio Online

What in your view are the best sources of free music? Here are mine – -, Yahoo! Music, iTunes Radio, Pandora, and of course, YouTube and Google Videos. Now, lets see how to rip ‘em up and save to our hard drive…
AUDACITY is a free cross-platform (Windows / Mac OS X / Linux / Unix) sound editor that will help us here (download).
First, run Audacity and go to Float Mixer Toolbar (drop-down) > select "Wave Out" or "Stereo Mix" for input source. Then open an online radio station or music website, go back to Audacity and hit the "Record" button (.) Stop recording (hit space bar) at will. Now go to File > Export Multiple and export the recording in .mp3 file format. That’s it! This works for any website, including YouTube.
FREECORDER (download) is another such tool that allows recording MP3 audio from any website that plays music. Furthermore, it’s allows downloading video hosted on 1000s of other sites (incl. YouTube, Google Video etc), has a built-in flv player, and file converter. is an online tool worth mentioning at this point.
There you have it guys, stay safe. [For informational purposes only].
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