Thursday, March 17, 2011



Add warmth and euphonic tube character to your tracks with the venerable TSL-3 Vac Rac from Inward Connections.
Famous amongst professionals for making a vocal sit in a mix without the need for vocal rides, it imparts a wonderful character without sounding "tubby." The elegant way in which it controls transients makes it a must have in the studio for vocals, bass, and buss duties.
Features per channel:
  • Gain make-up level
  • Gain reduction control
  • Bypass switch
  • Output/Gain reduction switch mode
  • Zero adjust trim
  • Large 3"x3" VU meter
  • LED illumination in all switches & VU meter indication
  • Tubes used in both input channels: Input stage - 6072A, Output stage - 12BH7A
  • Power Supply: Pure Class A high voltage tube design using 6BM8
  • Unit dimensions: 3 rack space. 5.25" Height, 19" Width, 11.5" Depth
  • Rugged steel chassis design
  • Classic vintage look
  • $4950

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