Friday, March 18, 2011

iPad 2 Issues: Backlight Bleeding, Dead Pixels, Yellow Tinting

Some iPad 2 owners have reported receiving new units with backlight issuesdead pixels and yellow tinting in LCD or backlight bleeding. These problems are being reported from various news and websites. A slight yellow discoloration of the iPad 2′s screen the same issues was affected with the iPhone 4 early on in production.
Some users are also reported that a dark image on loaded, and this leaking around the edges of the screen. The light leakage can be stopped by lowering the brightness of the display but this is not a perfect way to fix this problem. That not means its okay for Apple to ship faulty products in the first place.
While yellow tinting is normal and will dissipate as the glue from the factory dries, those dead pixels aren’t going to disappear over a certain time period.
Early experienced with products iPhone 4 units have same problem then the bonding agent Apple uses called Organofunctional Silane Z-6011 to bond the layers of glass. Apple has stated that “after one or two days of use, especially with the screen, and will complete the evaporation process and the yellow “blotches” will disappear.”

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