Friday, March 18, 2011

KS DIgital C88 3-Way Coaxial Studio Monitor


3-Way Coaxial Studio Monitor

For its use as a main monitor, also in near field range, the C88 Coax presents itself as an outstanding full range loudspeaker. The com-bination of an 8” coaxial chassis with an integrated 1.45” fabric tweeter and an 8” bass chassis results in a main monitor with full control down to the deepest frequencies.With exceptionally powerful and effortless sound across the full frequency range, the C88 Coax is convincing as a point sound source even in smaller production rooms with reduced listening distances. The 8” coax chassis, which we designed ourselves, uses carbon fibre offering an optimal combination of stiffness with minimal weight. This material allows a strong, dry bass on one hand and a mid range free of distortion and partial oscillations on the other. The shape of the membrane for the bass/mid range drivers forms a wave-guide for the tweeter cone, thereby directing the sound evenly to the listening position. In this way, the individual room acoustics are neutralised which is a great advantage in unfavourable monitoring situations.

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