Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Neve 5032 Mic Pre / Equalizer

The Neve 5032 is a mic pre / equalizer from the Neve Portico series of modules. It is a well built unit with a great sound and can be mounted horizontally or vertically in the optional frame. It retails for approximately $1800 and is worth every penny. I had the pleasure of working with the 5032 while working with Amy Winehouse and Salaam Remi at GeeJam Studios on the island of Jamaica. I had access to 16 channels of the 5032 that was housed in a Neve Portico 5088 console. Which is a great sounding console with tons of headroom. I used the 5032 to record drums, percussion, live bass, piano, vocals and both electric and acoustic guitar. The 5032 came through with flying colours no matter what I threw at it. I also used the equalizer section on mix down and even though its only a 3 band (low and high shelving with a variable mid-band) I was able to enhance the signal in a pleasing way. The unit is fairly easy to use and I especially like the silk function that seems to add a subtle vintage sheen to the signal.
Many thanks to the GeeJam staff especially Jon Baker (owner/general manager), Dale "Dizzle" Virgo  (producer/engineer) and Tandra (engineer) for showing me a great time.

For further info check the website

The 5032 can be purchased at Sweetwater Sound for $1795

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