Friday, March 25, 2011

The Next Generation Traktor

With TRAKTOR 2 Technology Inside, the entire TRAKTOR family has been completely re-engineered for maximum power and simplicity. No matter which TRAKTOR solution you choose, you’ll get a DJ system guaranteed to be:
  • Intuitive: Visualize your tracks with new TruWave colored waveforms. Let TRAKTOR automatically detect and configure your audio interface and controllers.
  • Creative: Remix on the fly with powerful looping and cueing features expanded by the new Sample Decks. Tap into stunning FX, guaranteed to inspire.
  • Addictive: The enhanced TRAKTOR workflow means you’ll get performance DJ software that adapts around you, delivering a new level of ease-of-use combined with the most powerful creative features.

TRAKTOR Software

The industry-leading DJ software now comes with TRAKTOR 2 Technology Inside, offering a new level in performance and usability.
  • New: High-res colored TruWave waveforms differentiate between kicks, hi-hats and snares so you can mix your tracks visually.
  • New: redesigned, easy on the eye GUI and layouts, including Essential View for simple external mixer control.
  • New: Capture and layer loops via the Sample Decks, build your own loop libraries and flavor your mix with heavyweight effects.
TRAKTOR PRO 2 (4 decks)...
TRAKTOR DUO 2 (2 decks)...


Digital vinyl systems from NI ensure intuitive ease-of-use and ultra-tight control via turntables & CD decks, now with even more creative options.
  • New: TRAKTOR 2 generation software with Sample Decks, SoftSync and unparalleled effects, ideal for creating unique sets.
  • New: TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 & 10 interfaces with expanded connectivity and increased performance.
  • New: Hardware Direct Thru mode for simple DJ switchovers and Auto Detection plug & play simplicity.
TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 (4 decks)...
TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO 2 (2 decks)...


The TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 system and the X1 add-on controller provide full hands-on control, total plug & play usability and perfect software-hardware integration. 
  • New: Now bundled with new TRAKTOR 2 software for enhanced power and simplicity.
  • Fluid hardware and software integration based on a protocol 30 times more detailed than MIDI ensures amazing tactility and visual feedback.
  • Robust and travel-ready hardware built with the highest-quality components, designed to excel in the toughest club environments.


TRAKTOR AUDIO interfaces are designed for pro DJs, offering additional outputs (e.g, for Sample Decks), pristine, ultra-loud sound and advanced features for mixing with TRAKTOR. 
  • New: Audio chips and new drivers guarantee even better sound quality and lower latency.
  • New: Direct Thru mode means TRAKTOR AUDIO interfaces work without a computer, making DJ switchovers a breeze.
  • New: Up to 10 channels – hook up your TRAKTOR effects as a send/return effects unit or route Sample Decks to separate channels.

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