Thursday, March 17, 2011

N.Y. Daily News Drunk With Embarrassment Daily News editorial on drunken college kids hits close to home

Uh, oh. Next time the New York Daily News editorial writers go after the lapse of “supervising adults” in overseeing out-of-control young people, they might want to first check within their own ranks.
Last weekend, Albany college kids rioted during a boozy annual "Kegs and Eggs" St. Patrick’s Day ritual. The carnage can be seen in YouTube videos uploaded by the partiers. A recap is also available in an angry Daily News editorial that ran on March 16, titled “Albany is making a name for itself, in all the wrong ways, with drunken blowout.”

The Albany police department released photos of some of the perpetrators and urged them to come in for questioning. The first to do so yesterday was Evan Sapio, an 18-year-old University of Albany freshman, who just happens to be the son of Bob Sapio, senior executive editor of the Daily News. 

Along with State University of New York Chancellor Nancy Zimpher and University of Albany president George Philip, the Daily News article criticized parents of the students who participated in the melee. Since the elder Sapio is among those parents, he told the Albany Times Union today about his son’s involvement: “I’m going to kill him,” before voicing concern about his behavior. 

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