Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PSP MixSaturator2 plugin

I used the PSP MixSaturator2 on Bellevue's "Last Call" featuring Ms. Terri Walker and produced by Krunkadelic.
The PSP MixSaturator2 is one of the plugins from the MixPack2 Bundle offered by PSP Audioware. It emulates the sound of tape recording and valve/tube circuitry. This is achieved by adding harmonics, filtering and dynamic processing. Its a great way to add warmth to virtual instrument tracks and vocals.
Looking at the above screenshot you'll notice various controls. The first section adds WARMTH by adding low frequency harmonics similiar to analog tape. The WARMTH knob controls how much low frequency harmonics is added. You can select a crossover frequency(knob labeled FREQ) between 50hz and 500hz and adjust the overall level of Warmth (LEVEL). The button labeled LOW turns this section on and off. It is active when lit.
The SATURATION section gives you a choice of seven types of saturation ranging from tape to digital clipping. The different types are selected with the SHAPE knob and the amount with the SATURATION knob. 
Next we have the SOFTNESS section which emulates the high frequency compression of analog tape. The SOFTNESS knob adjust the amount of of soft-knee compression that is added. The FREQ knob selects the crossover frequency which ranges from 2khz to 12khz. The LEVEL knob adjusts the level of the high frequency processing. The HIGH button turns the section on and off.
The PROC button turns the entire plugin on or off.
The INPUT knob adjusts the input level with a range of ± 12db.
The MIX knob allows you to balance the wet and dry signals (100% is completely wet).
The OUTPUT knob adjust output level ± 12db.
The OUTSAT button activates the PSP MixSaturator2 soft clipping process which prevents the output of the plugin from exceeding 0db.

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