Monday, March 14, 2011

Scientists Find Protein That Regulates Brain Function – "Neurofacin"

A team of British scientists at the University of Edinburgh claim to have singled out a key protein called "Neurofacin," that helps brain in transmitting information to the body.

Researchers say that Neurofacin is needed by the nerve fibers that regulate the transmission of information (impulses) within the brain, for their proper functioning, growth and maintenance.
These nerve fibers transmit tens of thousands of electrical impulses within the brain at any point of time, Dr. Matthew Nolan, one of the researchers, said in the study published in journal Neuron.
They believe that this could lead to a breakthrough in analyzing neurodegenerative disorders and strokes.
…and especially, how brain actually works.
FYI, the segment of nerve fibers that control transmission of messages within the brain measureno more than the width of your hair.

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