Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SPL Vitalizer SX-2 - For deep bass !!!

The SPL Vitalizer is a German made psychoacoustic processor featuring complex equalization, stereo enhancement and subsonic shaping which can be used to greatly enhance the tonal spectrum of your mixes in terms of depth, punch, transparency and stereo imaging. It is used by many cutting edge hip hop and electronic music producers and post production sound designers. 

The controls included are sub bass, are mid-high tuning, harmonics, processing depth, and stereo width. Some of the sounds you can achieve with this unit are for fine tuning the sub bass from deep and subsonic to punchy and tight, adding presence and crispness to hi hats and other midrange material and adding a high end brilliance to any mix. The stereo width surround enhancement control works in conjunction with the other controls in an esoteric way different from any other hardware or plugin (meaning whatever audio you have, this device makes it sound much wider with more breadth than conventional devices and is so noticeable).

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