Friday, March 25, 2011

Tehmeena Afzal SEXY "New York Mets" Tribute video

I guess this is supposed to be some sort of promotional video for the New York Mets’ upcoming season, and if that is the case, they’ve got my attention!
It can be tough competing in the same market as the New York Yankees, but it appears as though the Mets have added a secret weapon to their arsenal.  Her name is Tehmeena Afzal, and she appears to have quite an impressive arsenal of her own.  While those enormous breasts may inhibit her swinging ability, she does seem to be awfully comfortable with a bat in her hands.
Needless to say, a Mets prospect has never looked so good.

Tehmeena / Ms. Meena SEXY "New York Mets" Tribute video from TEHMEENA AFZAL on Vimeo.

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