Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tek'it Audio 8eqp

Tek'it Audio's new VST effect plugin 8eqp is available now.

The 8eqp VST is a parametric 8 band equalizer with a particularity: a fixed center frequency range, according to Tek'it Audio. Each band offers Q-factor, gain and center frequency controls, the company says.

8eqp comes with MIDI automation support, MIDI learn, the possibility to undo your changes and oversampling.

A demo version of "8eqp parametric eq" is available to download as a VST plug-in for Windows.

Pricing & Availability
The full version is available to purchase as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC for only 14 EUR / 20 USD.

Tek'it are using a new system on their demo. No more noise bursts, but short audio breaks every 30 seconds.

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