Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Twitter Planning To Make SSL Encryption Default

Popular microblogging site Twitter has just become more secure, now that it has added the ability for users to make SSL secure encryption (HTTPS) as default setting for their account.
Twitter SecureTo do this, just go to: Settings > Account (tab) > HTTPS Only and "check" Always use HTTPS. Now you don’t have to type each time you wish to access your account, it gets automatically redirected.
What’s the purpose of this setting, you ask? With SSL encryption (HTTPS) enabled, your account is more secure even while you access it over an unsecure internet connection like public Wi-Fi.
That aside, a Twitter spokesperson said that the service would soon make HTTPS the default setting for all users.
FYI, Twitter already made HTTPS as the default setting for the login page, and on Twitter iOSapps.
UPDATE. The HTTPS setting doesn’t seem to be working on According to Twitter, they are working on a solution for this issue.
Always Use HTTPS

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