Saturday, March 19, 2011

Waves SSL E Channel and G Channel

The Waves SSL plugins are based on the venerable SSL consoles that have been the staple of many recording studios since the 80's. The SSL bundle consists of 2 channel strips (E and G), a buss compressor and a G series equalizer. My favorites are the E and G channels which are emulations of the channel strips in SSL 4000 series E and G  consoles. They work great on a variety of sounds including drums, vocals and guitar. I prefer the G-Channel for adding air and sheen. It seems a little smoother on the top end. The E-Channel works great on drums especially snares. For even more SSL color crank the input but remember to reduce the output level so as not to overload the channel in you DAW. The SSL Bundle retails for a little under $500 ($487.50 at Amazon).

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