Saturday, March 26, 2011

WinRadio WR-G33WSM

 The WInRadio WR-G33WSM has to be the most versatile and economical software-based receiver for the "wireless mic" ranges ever.

This is a full-featured receiver with a superhet architecture that easily interfaces with any PC, even a cheap "netbook" that you can get at BestBuy for $200.

We sell these! Why? Because they are a great tool, we make antennas (that work with these receivers, by the way) and thought some of ourRFvenue customers might like to have it in their kit of interference-fighting tools that are very much needed in today's crowded performance spectrum domain.

Read much more about the WR-G33WSM here.

We have these IN STOCK, and ready to ship. Call us at 508 231 4515. Next day delivery available, discounts and packages available, too.

Brand-New, in box, fresh stock, full USA Warranty NOT GRAY LABEL!!!

We take care of our customers, eh? You get the antenna, the receiver, cables, software, and you can even call us up on the phone and a real person will answer. Our hours are 9am to 4pm, Eastern Time.

Each WinRadio has been checked by us for correct operation before putting it in our customer-ready inventory.  $999.  CALL FOR PRICE and DISCOUNTS on other items.

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