Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Amtec Phanzen -- Phantom Powered Compressor/Limiter

"The AMTEC PHANZEN is a unique compressor that has been designed to be used in conjunction with any standard microphone preamplifier. The purpose of the preamplifier is to restore the gain lost in the PHANZEN and, furthermore, to power the PHANZEN through phantom-power.

The PHANZEN is a dual channel unit, where each channel is separate, but the control voltages of the both channels can be linked together by the LINK switch for stereo operation (the gain reduction in both channels will be the same, so stereo image will not shift to any side during compression) or for special effects like ducking.

The input of the PHANZEN should be driven by a line-level signal, the output is at micprophone level that is amplified by the mic preamp back to the line-level.

The preamp choice has great influence on the overall sound, so it allows the user to customize the combo's sonic character by selecting of the preamplifier paired with the PHANZEN. The gain of the preamplier should be set somewhere between +30dB and +40dB most of the time."


Gain (no compression): -20 to -50dB (in 3dB steps)
Max. Gain Reduction:   over 20dB
Input Impedance:           2kohms
Output Impedance:        200ohms
Frequency Response:    20Hz-25kHz
current consumption:     5mA
Ratios:                             2.5:1 (COMP setting)
                                         9:1 (LIM setting)

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