Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cartec Audio Pre-Q5 Preamp

"The CARTEC PRE-Q5 is a high quality transformer based microphone preamp for the API 500 series format that incorporates a passive inductor equalizer, and a balanced output attenuator. The circuit is identical to our PRE-Q1A, but without the front panel controls for the High/low boost controls. The fully balanced stepped output attenuator (constant impedance T-pad) allows saturation of the output transformer while controlling the output level (allowing you to really drive the PRE-Q5 without clipping the next item in your signal chain). The Line level switch allows all of the features of be used both during tracking and mixing. you could send pre-recorded sounds to the EQ section or use the a combination of the EQ and transformer saturation to enhance synths or any existing sounds."
$899 at Zen Pro Audio

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