Thursday, April 14, 2011

FMR Audio A.R.C

"The FMR Audio A.R.C.—an acronym for “Articulation, Resonance and Clarity”—is named for its perceived effects on the sound of many instruments. The A.R.C. allows you to easily alter how more transient notes “stand out” against sustained ones (articulation, resonance), while increasing the overall perceived clarity of the sound. The A.R.C. offers sonic performance, along with a unique combination of other features, that you will find equally useful in the studio or on the stage.

Specifically, the FMR Audio A.R.C. provides: 

1) A boost function that buffers and amplifies instrument signals to a higher level. 

2) A compressor that enhances your instrument’s tone and dynamics. 

3) A direct box to interface your instrument to live or recording studio equipment. 

4) A studio effect that may be used to process audio tracks from your favorite Digital 

Audio Workstation (DAW) or recorder."

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