Thursday, April 21, 2011

Innovason Unveils New Eclipse GT Digital Mixing Console

Innovason of Plougoumelen, France, has unveiled Eclipse GT, the latest incarnation of its Eclipse digital mixing console. Eclipse GT offers a new look and an optimized feature set.
photo of Innovason Eclipse GT
Innovason Eclipse GT
Eclipse GT integrates a side rail to facilitate moving and carrying, as well as red LEDs in the sidecheeks (which may be switched off if necessary) and the signature Innovason red trackball. The company says that it selected all of the knobs and faders "to give the desk a significantly more expensive 'feel.'"
The Eclipse GT also has the ability to control and memorize all the parameters used by Neumann/Sennheiser's digital microphones.
The Eclipse GT further retains features found in the original Eclipse console, such as the M.A.R.S. onboard multitrack recorder, Virtual Soundcheck and the Broadway function for seamless changeover from a live to a recorded soundtrack. The M.A.R.S. system also acts as a redundant control computer and can take over all control and display functions. Eclipse GT also retains Innovason’s way of working with the SmartFade and Smart-Panel features for maximum flexibility and configurability without having to resort to the use of layers.

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