Thursday, April 7, 2011

Neve Portico II Stereo Buss Processor

"The new Portico II Stereo Buss Processor is far more than a standard stereo compressor & mastering limiter. Outfitted with the highest grade detented switches, high-voltage discrete signal paths, in addition to an all new stereo field editor design with band-filtered width and depth, the Portico II: SBP is an unprecedented creative tool that can add new dimension and dynamic control to virtually any source material."
     " It has two separate channel sections (A and B) each with the same controls, among which include attack, relaxation, ratio, threshold, as well as advanced texture controls, limiter, gain and blend. The third section is observed on the right side corresponds to an enhanced stereo field editor, offering dedicated controls for depth and breadth, each with dedicated filter options and various types of filters to choose from (HF, HM, LM, LF) . "

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