Friday, April 8, 2011

NIIO Analog's TRACK THICKENER - Stereo Saturator/VCA/EQ

"The TRACK THICKENER is an all analog stereo processor used to drive a stereo or mono source though one of five analog circuits. These SAT circuits transform the density of the sound for the purpose of creative manipulation of its texture and intensity. The SAT section includes wet/dry mix with the ability to saturate all or only the upper or lower frequencies while retaining an unaffected low or high end by utilizing the built in crossover. With flexible crossover routing a frequency dependant saturation is achieved giving the user control over the density, volume, and frequency of the saturated element of the sound. This routing allows a wide range of saturation to be achieved, with the ability to bypass entirely. The SAT section is followed by a VCA used to shape the amplitude envelope of the sound. The VCA features an H-AR envelope with control over depth, trigger hold, attack, and release. Alternative gating is possible with the use of the external trigger input. The VCA can be used to affect the SAT or SAT&DRY signals for different mixing options. A passive equalizer follows that allows tone shaping with the smooth characteristics of a passive circuit. The EQ gives the user quick tone shaping over broad bands for effective shaping of the final sound."



• Stereo crossover with MED-Q / LO-Q selection.
• HP/LP outputs can be routed to SAT and DRY audio paths.
• Variable DRIVE control with 5 SAT circuits- (CMP/DIODE3/WAVE2/404/FET-OD)


• Stereo VCA with variable depth and threshold controls. VCA can affect SAT or SAT & DRY signals.
• Envelope controls include trigger HOLD time, ATTACK, and RELEASE times.
• EXT TRIG allows an external audio signal or gate voltage to trigger the VCA.


• Stereo EQ with boost and cut passive design.
• Boost and cut bands interact and create smooth equalization curves that allow for quick and effective track shaping.


• Balanced/Unbalanced 1/4"
• stereo-In
• stereo-Out

Cost: $1,095 at Analogue Haven

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