Thursday, April 7, 2011

Roland's OCTA-CAPTURE Interface

"Designed to capture audio at a level of quality that will satisfy even the most demanding professionals, OCTA-CAPTURE features VS Preamps on its eight analog inputs. Built with a Class A design for superb audio performance, these microphone preamps are based on those that have become a trusted part of Roland’s V-Mixer series of commercial digital consoles, as well as the V-STUDIO 700 high-end DAW system."
"With its eight mic preamps, OCTA-CAPTURE shows its mettle in multi-mic applications like recording drums or full bands. The input level specs for Channels 7 and 8 have been optimized for extremely dynamic sound sources with high peak levels such as kick drums; the extra headroom (up to +16dBu) available on these channels helps prevent clipping and other recording problems. OCTA-CAPTURE also features independent compressors on its eight analog inputs.."


  • OCTA-CAPTURE features a high-performance headphone output with refined circuitry, providing superb sound quality that will serve you well not only during recording, but also for making final sound choices in the mixing process. Additionally, the headphone amp provides an output level of +16 dBu, ensuring rock-solid monitoring even when recording in high dB situations.
  • Rugged metal body that’s lightweight and compact.
  • Included rack ears let you mount OCTA-CAPTURE in a studio rack.
  • One-in/one-out MIDI interface onboard.
  • Cakewalk’s acclaimed SONAR LE DAW program is included, along with high-quality software synths and a diverse range of plug-in effects.
  • Two OCTA-CAPTURE units can be used together to increase I/O capability.

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