Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Softube's Tube-Tech Classic Channel

"The Tube-Tech Classic Channel contains three different Tube-Tech products, the optocompressor CL 1B and two Pultec clones; the PE 1C program equalizer (the “classic” Pultec) and the ME 1B mid-range equalizer. On their own, these products immediately and easily produce a beautiful result, and combined they become an extremely powerful tool that lets you shape the sound of a track, bus or the whole mix. As well as providing these beauties as separate plug-ins, we also chose to combine them into a single powerful plug-in—the Classic Channel. The Classic Channel lets you bypass or engage any of the units, as well as change their order. By bypassing them, they won't take up any of your precious CPU, so you can might as well get used to always use the Classic Channel whenever you need just some CL 1B mojo or Pultec vibe. It makes it easier to add some eq or compression if necessary at a later stage..."

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