Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tone2 WarmVerb 1.2

Tone2 are pleased to announce the 1.2 update of Warmverb, a modular multi effect plugin with routable modules and 38 types of effects.

Warmverb lets you program and combine effect chains using up to four effects per multi-effect program.

It includes a 'Randomize' button and over 150 presets giving you access to vocoders, pitch shifters, distortion, modulators and a selection of effects.

New features:
  • 64 Bit support
  • SSE2 support

Announced Improvements:
  • Slightly improved performance
  • Improved compatibility for Windows7 and Vista Systems
  • Smart installer which automatically fixes possible Win7 VST folder compatibility problems
  • Improved host compatibility
  • Important pop-ups are always displayed on top
  • Many minor improvements

  • Removed a small click after silence
  • Fixed high CPU usage with Mac demo version
  • Fixed a possible crash on Mac

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