Thursday, April 21, 2011

Transient Shaper plugin

The Transient Shaper from Schaack Audio Technologies is a plugin that works on the same principle as the SPL Transient Designer but with an added touch. It has a DRIVE control that adds saturation to the signal.As it's name suggests the Transient Shaper alllows you to shape the transients by increasing/decreasing the sound's attack and release envelopes. The controls consist of an ATTACK knob, a RELEASE knob, a DRIVE control (which is used to add the saturation I mentioned earlier) and an output GAIN knob.

Both the ATTACK and RELEASEe controls feature 3 different shapes: sharp (sharper faster transients), mid and soft (softer rounder transients). The ATTACK increases when turned clockwise and decreases counter clockwise. The same goes for the RELEASE except that it affects the sustain or release envelope of the sound. I've actually used it to remove some of the reverb from drum sounds that were recorded with too much reverb on them. You can also use an expander/gate to de-verb sounds but the Transient Shaper sounds more natural to me. The DRIVE control adjusts the amount of saturation that's added to the sound. This adds a more analog texture and also softens the peaks to give you more level without clipping the channel (reminds me of tracking to tape) . When turned fully counterclockwise it has no effect. The LED below the DRIVE knob indicates when saturation is being added.

The GAIN knob adjusts the output level of the plugin and should be adjusted last. It is not active when the plugin is bypassed so you can easily match levels when comparing the sound before and after processing. For more precise control hold down SHIFT when making adjustments. The plugin provides two views BIG and SMALL. The SMALL view shows only the controls and takes up much less screen real estate. I wish all plugins did this.

For more info, audio demos and to download a copy of the Transient Shaper visit:

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