Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cloud Microphones JRS-34 Active Ribbon Mic

The JRS-34 is not your typical ribbon mic. The words big, smooth and fat are often used to describe this chrome beauty. it sounds as good as it looks. 
From the website:
"The Cloud Microphones JRS-34, nominated for the 2011 Musikmesse International Press Award in the category of studio microphones, was designed in collaboration with Stephen Sank and named in memory of  Jon R. Sank (1934-1998). Mr. Sank was instrumental in designing many of RCA’s legendary ribbon mics, including the BK-11 and BK-10A. When RCA abandoned its microphone division, Mr. Sank left with a lifetime of tools and knowledge and began teaching his son Stephen, the art of ribbon microphones.
Built upon the shoulders of giant RCA mics. The ribbon itself is the same as the original 44 series, everything else has been redesigned, drawing upon valuable lessons from the the BK-11 and other microphones. The Cloud JRS-34, with modern appointments such as neodymium magnets, Cinemag transformers, and active D/C JFET Circuitry, takes the next evolutionary step in the immortal 44/BK-11 design line"
$1699 at Full Compass
Here's a link to some videos on the website showcasing the JRS-34 on vocals and guitar: JRS-34 videos . It also sounds great on brass.

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