Monday, May 9, 2011

Metric Halo's Channelstrip on sale 50% off

Metric Halo's Channelstrip was the first channelstrip plugin on the market. It has stood the test of time and is currently on sale for 50% off at

Here's an earlier review I did on the Channelstrip:

This was used on Kardinal's @KardinalO song "Mi Nina" produced by SupaDups @SupaDups .
The Metric Halo Channelstrip plugin ($345) was one of my first plugin purchases. I've used it on many projects over the years. The Channelstrip consists of a dynamics section (gate/compressor) and a six band eq section. 
Each eq band can be parametric high cut, low cut, low shelf, high shelf or band-pass filter type with each band capable of 20hz to 20khz frequency selection. This allows you to do drastic surgical eq or broad enhancement of sounds. There are two additional eq bands that are used as sidechains for the gate and compressor section. 
A nice feature of the compressor is the auto gain button which automatically adjusts the volume for the amount of compression that's dialed in with the threshold and ratio knobs (the SSL console dynamics section works in a similiar fashion). 
The plugin doesn't have a "color" to it as some others do but I see this neutral sound as a plus and makes it an excellent choice for sonic surgery. It works well on a large variety of sounds including drums, guitar, strings, brass, vocals and synths. The meters and graphs on the right side of the interface come in handy when making adjustments and you can actually grab the points on the graph and adjust the eq if you prefer.

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