Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mohog Audio MoFET76

I'm a huge fan of the original 1176 so I'm definitely looking forward to using these on a mix,
"The MoFET76 is designed after the legendary 1176 Revision F, with slight modifications including switchable output transformers and input metering. These compressors sound amazing on any source including vocals, bass, snare and overheads. Great analog sound! This is a New custom built unit completely hand soldered and hand wired for greater quality control. These units come complete, calibrated and tested..."
They can also be linked for stereo use with a Mohog Audio MoSA Stereo Adapter

Warren Dent the owner/operator of ZenPro posted his favorite setting which he says sounds amazing on Vocals, Bass, Strings and Percussion. If you have a MoFET76, Urei or UA1176 or even the plugin version, definitely try this setting:

Warren's "One Knob" MoFET76 Setup:
  • Combine 4:1 + 12:1 Ratio
  • Set Attack to Slowest (counter-clockwise)
  • Set Release to Fastest (clockwise)
  • Vary the Input Level for Threshold!

Mohog Audio MoFET76 Features:
  • Hand Soldered and wired w/Teflon coated silver plated wire
  • Through plated pcb with top layer ground plane
  • High quality Nichion Audio KW Or Elna capacitors.
  • Voltage selector 115/230 volts
  • Transformer balanced input  with custom Edcor transformer
  • Transformer balanced output with switchable custom Edcor and Carnhill transformers
  • Three deck  600Ω input attenuator
  • Ratios 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1, all buttons in  and ratio combination's
  • Super fast Attack time from 20 microseconds to 800 microseconds
  • Release time from 50 milliseconds to 1 second
  • Input metering
  • LED lights in Meter for longer life
  • Neutrik XLR input and output
  • TRS stereo link interconnect
  • Wood Face plate with Lacquer applied over silk screen for longer life
  • Heavy Gage steel case Painted white
  • Hand numbered and signed  
  • One year warranty  

To purchase visit Mohog AudioAlso sold at ZenPro Audio 

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