Saturday, May 7, 2011

Music Biz 101 - Things you don't learn in school

My good friend Carlisle Young has a blog where he offers a lot of insight into his life and the music business.
This is an excerpt from his latest  blog post:
"At age 16, I finally accepted that I outgrew visiting Jamaica and I was growing up extremely fast as I was starting the growing process and learning what it took to make it in life. I used to think Jamaicans only made reggae/ dancehall music and that they only lived in Jamaica and then I started to meet alot of them that were in the hip hop, house and reggae music scene in New York. Of all my friends that were into music, I was the only one that wanted to learn producing and mixing so I started to meet all these non Jamaicans that were into hip hop but they never really took to me because they thought I was a monkey. At that time they were right because there’s a lot of truth into stereo typing......."
Read the read of his post on Tumblr 

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