Friday, May 6, 2011

Sonimus Satson Buss (Console Emulation) plugin only $39

Satson Buss seems like an interesting take on Analog Console emulation. It's based on two high-end analog consoles, and for the price it's definitely worth a look. I can see using this on individual tracks as well as the stereo buss and group/buss masters.

From the website:"Satson is a Plugin designed to emulate the workflow of the consoles on your computer and get better and faster mixes.
It has a VU meter carefully modelled and calibrated, high quality high-pass / low-pass filters and analog console like saturation (includes stereo crosstalk)."


● Use the Gain control like a “trim”.
● Use the Gain and VU Meter to level the tracks (0VU = -18 dBfs).
● With FAT you can reduce the dynamic range (and get more evident distortion
effect) which works great on drums.
● With OFF switch you can bypass the saturation, but the Gain, the VU Meter and the filters will still work.

• OUTPUT COMPENSATION: This will automatically turn down the output as you increase the GAIN. This makes the gain function as a drive knob.
• SUPER GAIN: This increases the range of the GAIN knob to -24/+24.
• DUAL-MONO: This switch turn on/off the stereo crosstalk.

Note: When you make changes on the back panel of the plugin it's not a global setting but only applies to that one instance.

$39 direct from Sonimus website

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