Sunday, June 12, 2011

Audio Damage Pan-Station - auto-panner/tremolo plug-in ($39)

Audio Damage is a company with a penchant for making unique and sonically pleasing plugins at very reasonable prices. Their latest offering is the PanStatiom which does auto -panning and tremolo as well as stereo widening effects. The PanStation is based on the Drawmer M500 and Audio & Design's PanScan ( which I've used a great deal in the past).
Drawmer M500

Audio Damage states that they decided "to create the most sophisticated auto-panner/tremolo plug-in there is. With a feature set borrowing liberally from the M500 and the PanScan, Panstation is a complete professional toolbox of panning and tremolo effects behind an easy-to-understand and simple-to-program user interface."

Panstation Features:
• Four different panning laws, including an exact 1:1 clone of the M500 pan law.

• Ten panning waveforms, including all the waveforms present in the M500.

• Free-run, MIDI tempo sync, MIDI note trigger, MIDI note number, and CC control of panning. 

• Audio trigger counting feature from the A&D PanScan. 

• Easy-to-read user interface. No squinting at tiny pixel fonts. 

• Relative phase control of each side, for tremolo and stereo widening effects.

• MIDI Learn for full MIDI CC control over every parameter.

Visit Audio Damage for more info and audio demos of the Panstation.
At $39 it's a no-brainer. (Audio Units and VST only. No RTAS).

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