Thursday, June 2, 2011

PSP's Neon HR Version 2 - 60% off till July 1st

I've used the PSP Neon since its first release. Whenever I needed to do major sonic surgery to an individual sound or sweetening on a stereo buss the Neon is one of my go to equalizer plugins. I'm sure there are some mastering engineers with the Neon in their bag of tricks.
"PSP proudly presents a new version of their flagship mastering equalizer plug-in - PSP Neon! To overcome the most significant limitations of PSP Neon HR version 1 they decided to develop additional versions of the plug-in, creating the Neon Suite which covers both mastering and mixing applications. Version 2 of PSP Neon comes in three flavors: PSP Neon HR, PSP Neon STD, PSP Neon Mix.
But wait, there's more—all three plug-ins share some new exciting features! Check them out!"


  • Operation at high sample rates (up to 192kHz)
  • PSP Audioware's proprietary FAT mode
  • Independent processing and control of each stereo channel
  • Stereo and Mid-Side operation
  • High and Max resolution modes for unparalleled fidelity in the most demanding applications
  • Third-octave real-time spectrum analyzer with many adjustable parameters,
  • Frequency-hunting as well as overtone-hunting workflow accelerators for finding the right frequency in seconds
  • Response plot auto-zooming
  • EQ band soloing

Until 30th June 2011 you can buy PSP Neon HR at the special introductory price of $99 (60% off the regular price)*
Starting from 1st July 2011 regular price $249* will be applied.
(*all prices exclude taxes)
(**upgrade is free for all PSP Neon registered users)

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